Prince in the Tower

The bones found under a staircase in the Tower of London which are today encased in a marble urn at Westminster Abbey have been looked over at least once by modern-day scientists. The one thing they found out was that the elder of the two children must have had an illness of the jaw that must have been present for some time before death. 
Edward V did, before his disappearance, have a triumphal entry into London. He was also, along with his brother, seen by a lot of people while he was lodged at the Tower. Interestingly, not a single witness describes anything that might hint at his jaw being diseased. 
If one looks at the sources on that and applies the same careful scrutiny that is regularly applied to the same sources as soon as they deal with Richard of Gloucester and the events that led to his becoming King Richard III, the silence of the sources can mean just one thing. There was nothing wrong with Edward V's jaw when he arrived at London. And the elder of the two skeletons from the staircase cannot be him.